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viewing schedules, orbital mechanics, and other astronomical items of interest to those near Oklahoma State University.

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Other things we plan on doing this semester (not scheduled yet):

We generally try to have observing sessions every "new" (as opposed to "full") moon, meeting at sunset to have a few minutes to talk and set things up in the twilight. (we really need to find a better place to meet). Bring flashlights.

I believe these are the sunset times in Stillwater closest to the "new" moon.

Get CST (+06:00) time of sunset from Current Phase of Moon & times of sunset, then add 1 hour to that time for summertime Daylight Saving (+05:00); during the summertime, the sun is at its highest point at about 1pm Daylight Saving time. See http://rdrop.com/~cary/html/time.html for more info on Daylight Saving Time.

[I want some sort of astronomical calendar here]

The Astronomy Club often views the stars from Lake McMurtry, near Stillwater OK which is roughly W097° 04', N36° 07'.
map http://www.mapquest.com/ cgi-bin/ia_find?screen=ia-map-form &link=ia-map-result &uid=uqa902kcc2teb5kx:20hyygqut
picture http://terraserver.microsoft.com/ GetPageByCoord.asp?Long=-97.128475 &Lat=36.187949&Alt=100&SrcId=1 &ImgDate=02/21/1995&DSize=1

[*]****** Rain Plan:If it is cloudy on a meeting day, ***** Come Anyway ****. We will be showing a movie instead (and, of course, going out to eat afterwards). What do you want to see ?


We're looking for "Good Observing Sites" and "Interesting Places to Take a Road Trip". If you know of any, please let us know. Criteria:

At least one member of the OSU Astronomy Club is (at this time of writing) analyzing signals from

Sky coordinates:   7.6 R.A.,   9.4 Dec
Recorded on: Mon Mar  8 19:54:45 1999
Source: Arecibo Radio Observatory
Base Frequency: 1.418847654 GHz

using analysis software downloaded from SETI@home http://setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/ .

Some previous events:

OSU Physics Department http://www.physics.okstate.edu/links/links.html /* was http://www.okstate.edu/artsci/physics/links/links.html */ was kind enough to mention the Astronomy Club.

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