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  1. Things I lack
  2. Things I have
  3. Periodicals I read
  4. Addresses for David
  5. What Makes David Tick ?
  6. Affiliations
  7. People
  8. Computers I own
  9. Emperor of the World Campaign Promises (Rants and pet peeves)
  10. Interests

Who am I ?

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Things I lack

I really like the article "What I want" by Jeff Breidenbach http://www.jab.org/www/denali.html .

Things I have

Stuff I have that perhaps I could use to help you.

Periodicals I read

printed magazines and newspapers

(most of these magazines are free "to qualified individuals" . Go ahead and tell me which ones sound interesting. I'll need your name, postal address, title, and phone number to put you on the free subscription cards. Or you could just subscribe yourself; most of them have online subscription forms)

Magazines I currently don't read, but am thinking about re-subscribing:

Mailing lists I read

See also get_online.html#mailing_list for information on how to find many, many other mailing lists.

Yes, this is really a bit too much for a mere human to handle.

If I ever start a mailing list, remind me about Mailing List Considerations: get_online.html#list_considerations

Addresses for David

How do I get digital objects from David ?

Use my current web home site.

How do I send David digital objects ?

If it's OK for everyone in the world to see it, post to "my" wiki http://visual.wiki.taoriver.net/moin.cgi/DavidCary or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_talk:DavidCary

Use d.cary@ieee.org , my preferred email address ; if that doesn't work, try [FIXME: deja address].

or this handy feedback.html .

What about IRC ?

I'm not much of a IRC guy. Sorry.

What about Instant Messager, ICQ, etc. ?

Sorry, I haven't gotten around to doing that yet (as of 2003-09-22).

What about Skype ?

This looks pretty interesting. I plan to try it out soon.

How do I send David physical objects ?

You can send physical objects to me via

David Cary icbmto: [FIXME] 227 S. 163 E. Ave. Tulsa OK 74108-3310

How do I send David analog messages ?

918·491·9749 (office)

918·813·2279 (home)

What Makes David Tick ?

Some people follow 10 Commandments, I follow 2 directives:

  1. Worship the God of Truth. (prime directive)
  2. Treat the humans of Earth in the same way I treat my own siblings.

There's also what I call the "10 Suggestions" (it's just a name, there are many more than 10) that have some influence on me. They include, in no particular order:


(in no particular order)

I have also been called a


I'd like to hear from anyone who remembers me from:

I'd also like to shake hands with the people that I only know from their web pages link_farm.html#people .

Several of my friends go to Baptist Chapel http://BaptistChapel.net/.

Several of my friends now go to Village http://www.villagefamily.org/

I personally know quite a few people that have put up their own web sites. See local.html#people for a list of their web sites.

Emperor of the World Campaign Promises

(Rants and pet peeves)

I've mellowed a lot since I was young. Now I'm pretty much laissez-faire (apathetic, some might call it). These are some of my remaining pet peeves.

I am now convinced that having a (human) emperor of the world is a bad idea. If I were emperor of the world, some things might improve, but overall things would get worse. But it's still fun to dream ...

(soon I'll have some campaign promises from others running for Emperor of the world -- Emperor Dogbert, etc.)

[FIXME: think about adding this to The Pet Peeves Ring http://www.gargaro.com/peeves.html . Should I split this out into a seperate ``peeves.html'' file ? ]

Stuff I would do if I were emperor (or at least President):

Stuff other people would do if they were emperor:

What would you do if you were emperor ?


Here are a few of my interests that my other web pages do not make blatantly obvious:

2000-01-03:DAV: It looks like I've finally at least *mentioned* all of my interests somewhere in my web pages.

2002-04-20:DAV: Except singing in my church chior. That's not really something that translates well to the Web.

I usually carry a 0.5 mm pencil and a black pen in my left front pocket. You can probably tell that I'm not all that excited about colors.


I've already learned an astonishing number of languages, and I intend to learn more todo.html#language . See also idea_space.html#constructed_language

natural languages

artificial languages

How to shoot yourself in the foot in each of 20 different programming languages.

[FIXME: still a partial list -- see my resume for more.]


I like to eat spaghetti using 2 forks. (It's a COMSCI thing.)

I like to play with my food. I'm getting pretty good at using chopsticks. I'm impressed with other people http://www.sincity.com/penn-n-teller/food.html take playing with food to new heights.

CO P-- V |+-|+ B F++ 1++ 2-

DAV's Geek Code http://geekcode.com/ here.

  Version: 3.12
  GE/M/ED/TW d@ s++:+>++: a>? C++>++++$ UBLU->++++$ P+>++$ L+>++++$
  E---@ W-(++)>$ N-(+++) K+++>++++ w++ M>++$ V PS---(+++)@
  Y--(+)@ PGP-->- t 5+ X? R? tv? b+>+++
  DI++++ D+>---- G e+++>++++  h+@>++(-) r? !z
  ------END GEEK CODE BLOCK------

decode it: http://www.ebb.org/ungeek/

I wish I had a menu bar like this. (If you know where this came from, please tell me !)

Soli Deo gloria -- To God alone be glory.

Started: 1995 ? before Dec 11.
Original Author: David Cary.
Current maintainer: David Cary.

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