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 E-Mail: d.cary at ieee.org
 Organization: rarely.
 Organization: Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Inc.

 E-Mail: cary at agora.rdrop.com
 Organization: raindrop laboratories/agora(sm)

are all me. These other people are not me:

1. Name: David Cary
 E-Mail: david_cary at hp.com
 Organization: hewlett-packard company
 Last Update: 11/03/96

 Organization: Hewlett Packard

2. Name: David Cary
 E-Mail: dcary at gnn.com
 Organization: megaweb
 Last Update: 02/20/96

 Organization: O'Reilly & Associates

3. Name: David Cary
 E-Mail: DCary at ix.netcom.com
 Last Update: 06/01/95

 Service Provider: NETCOM

5. Name: David D Cary
 E-Mail: vcfin007 at huey.csun.edu
 Last Update: 05/01/95

 Organization: California State University, Northridge

8. Name: David Cary
 E-Mail: dvcary at mail.wm.edu
 Last Update: 07/15/97

 Organization: The College of William and Mary

http://email-partner.whowhere.com/webcrawler/name.codsrch?brand=webcrawler&name=david+cary&org=&match=exact David Cary

d.cary at ieee.org
md55 at mailexcite.com
dcoi97 at mailcity.com
cary at earthlink.net
davidhart at caryhart.com
carydave at worldnet.att.net
david_cary at hpatc2.desk.hp.com
david_cary at hp.com
david_cary at hp-usa-om22.om.hp.com
DCary at gnn.com
vcfin007 at huey.csun.edu
mccary at pcnet.com
theguardian at pipeline.com
dhart at i-2000.com
hart1 at chelsea.ios.com

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    Todo: put more info here on my family (the Stark, Rice, and Cary families).

    [recited to David Cary on 2000-09-14] John Rice lived West of Yancyville, in Caswell county, NC (North Carolina), near the Virginia border. His son William Rice married Nancy Williams, and later moved to Tennessee. ... descendant Gracie Rice, who married William Frank Cary ... son Jimmy Cary ... his son David Cary ...

    David A. Cary
    son of Jimmy R. Cary
    son of Gracie S. (Rice) Cary (and William Frank Cary)
    daughter of Effie Cassandra (Stark) Rice
    daughter of George Dougharty Stark
    son of Samuel Hawley Stark
    son of William Hawley Stark
    son of Nancy (Hawley) Stark (and Daniel Stark)
    daughter of Samuel Hawley

    Samuel Hawley Stark born 1835 in Louisiana.


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