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A Attempt to Stir up Controversy and get Email

OXO Corn Holders have ``butter dams''. DAV's family calls these ``corn cob sticker-inners''. Other people call them ``corn knobs'' or ``corn cob pokey things''. Or corn skewers. What wierd names does your family use ?

Cryptography: I am currently morally opposed to using cryptography to hide information. (Other ways of hiding information are fine). But perhaps I could be persuaded otherwise. See for a similar viewpoint. On the other hand, using cryptography to authenticate plaintext messages is kind of interesting, but I'm thinking of opposing it on the same grounds. What do you think ?

Linguistics: At my house, we have to buy a new bottle of ketchup almost every week. Would you say

? ( "Why is ketchup also called catsup?" article by Michael Quinion )

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If I quote something from you on my web site, I will remove any "at signs" ("little snails") to make it more difficult for spammers to harvest your email address. (I apologize to anyone whose address was harvested from my pages before the day I started deleting "at signs".).

If you don't want me to put your stuff on my web site, please tell me and I'll take it down as soon as possible.

If you find on my web site a quote of something you or someone else said, but that quote was not attributed or mis-attributed, please tell me and I'll fix the attribution as soon as possible.

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I'm starting to shift from email and static web pages to wiki. Perhaps you could leave me a note at or .

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