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  • Linux on Laptops http://linux-on-laptops.com/ | mirror http://www.linux-laptop.net/ /* was http://www.cs.utexas.edu/users/kharker/linux-laptop/ */ and in particular, Running Linux on a Micron Millennia Transport http://linux.isdi.com/

    linux for laptops http://sourceforge.net/projects/finux/ ???

  • FreeBSD on ... laptops. http://www.zapatec.com/freebsd/laptop/
  • http://dmoz.org/Computers/Mobile_Computing/
  • Laptop computers: Buying advice http://www.consumerreports.org/main/detailv3.jsp?WebLogicSession=PwofJxFUkWgzvuy9zg1JkYYdYn4YcM6sifXpsueB4raUM2JxR2BT|-7004017291659203091/169937909/6/7005/7005/7002/7002/7005/-1|5041283250080563033/169937910/6/7005/7005/7002/7002/7005/-1&CONTENT%3C%3Ecnt_id=301429&FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=162693&bmUID=1057627970876 from ConsumerReports
  • computer buying guide

    A very short computer buying guide: see


    DAV: requirements: Must boot off CD. (Perhaps boot off external USB CD drive ?)

    ``Buy notebooks, not desktops'' article by David Berlind January 23, 2002 http://techupdate.zdnet.com/techupdate/stories/main/0,14179,2841692,00.html

    Computers: Hardware: Systems: Notebooks and Laptops http://dmoz.org/Computers/Hardware/Systems/Notebooks_and_Laptops/ laptop purchasing guide, notebook reviews,

    Comp.sys.laptops http://groups.google.com/groups?group=comp.sys.laptops

    Comp.sys.laptops FAQ: FAQ on buying, using, and upgrading portable computers (the Portable Computing FAQ) http://home.att.net/~epbrown01/

    ``Linux on Laptops Part 1, Installation'' by Jeremy "Unknwn" Katz http://linuxpower.org/display.php?id=84

    ``Linux on Laptops: How to avoid detours and have a smooth ride when Linux hits the road'' by Werner Heuser http://www.linux-mag.com/2001-11/laptops_01.html

    ``Take It With You: Firing up a Linux Laptop is Getting Easier. We Show You Where to Start.'' by Jason Compton http://www.linux-mag.com/2000-01/laptop_01.html

    small PCs

    DAV: A growing category of "small PCs" that are small enough to be portable, but don't quite fit in the ``laptop'' category because they require wall power: (have no battery at all) (``tethered'') (``mobile desktop'')



    david's portable computer spec. file.
    Laptop Buyer's checklist
    (Appendix B from _The Little Laptop Book_ by Steve Cummings)
    Size and weight
    __Dimensions with battery
    __weight with battery
    __weight of AC adapter
    __ weight of extra battery
    System Basics
    __ Processor type
    __Clock speed __ MHz
    __memory installed
    __ maximum memory
    __ price per megabyte
    __ Hardware expanded memory?
    Disk Drives
    __Floppy drive size/capacity
    __Hard drive capacity
    __built-in battery-backed RAM
    __Plug-in RAM cards capacity
    Software included:
    __ OS version __
    __ Other
    _ Type
    _ Backlit?
    _ Size __ inches
    _ hinge (freely moveable preferred over ratcheted)
    _ Graphics resolution
    _ Color
    _ uniformity
    _ Contrast
    _ Reflectivity
    _ Number of gray shades
    _ gray shades distinguishable?
    _ gray shade palette adjusts?
    _ number of keys
    _ size and spacing of keys
    _ mini keys?
    _ separate home, end, PgUp, PgDn keys?
    _ inverse-T cursor keys arrangement?
    _ location of Ctrl, Ins, Del keys
    _ Keyboard feel
    Special features:
    _ resume/bookmark feature?
    _mouse works after using resume?
    _pointing device included?
    _number of serial ports?
    _External monitor port?
    _Special cables or adapters required?
    _Password protection?
    Expansion options:
    _Internal modem price
    _Speed __ bps
    _Fax modem? $__
    _Cellular modem? $__
    _Standard PC expansion slots (size, number)__
    _standard-slot expansion box available?
    Durability and quality
    _ connectors
    _ Doors (sliding better than hinged)
    _Flimsy or protruding parts?
    _Type of battery
    _Price per battery
    _Life of battery charge
    _AC adapter: length of cord
    _Adjusts to different wall voltages?
    _Adjusts automatically?
    _Built-in surge protector?
    _low-battery indicator?
    Service and support:
    _Refund/exchange policy?
    __Trial period
    _Length of warranty (should be at least 1 year)
    _Location of service centers
    _On site service available? Price __
    _Mail-in service required?
    Appendix C: Traveling toolkit
    one 2-prong to 3-prong adapter for wall sockets
    one 3-prong triplex wall socket adapter (makes 3 outlets from 1)
    one 20-foot 3-prong extension cord
    Portable surge protector with telephone line protection
    Electrician's tape
    Optional: lightbulb socket - to - wall socket adapter
    One 20-foot telephone extension cord, with RJ-11 modular plugs at either end
    One short (1-6 feet) telephone cord, RJ-11 plug at one end, alligator clips at the other
    2 modular male-to-male in-line adapters for joining telephone cords together
    2 modular duplex adapters (plugs into RJ-11 jack, gives 2 RJ-11 jacks)
    Optional: acoustic coupler
    Computer cables:
    Flat ribbon-type parallel printer cable
    Optional: file-transfer cable and/or flat ribbon-type serial cable with null-modem adapter and gender changer
    Computer Supplies
    Floppy disks
    Disk mailers (Steve Cummings recommends mailing a backup of the day's work back to yourself every day you're on the road)
    labels and felt-tip pen
    mouse or other pointing device
    Printer ribbon or ink, paper (if traveling with printer)
    Misc. tools
    Wire cutters
    Small flashlight with spare batteries
    Small flatblade and Phillips screwdrivers
    Stick-on Velcro pads
    For foreign travel
    Wall socket and approved telephone adapters for appropriate countries
    Power transformer to provide 120-volt, 60-cycle supply.
    started 1997 Jan 26
    put on web 1999-05-23
    buy computer
    DAV computer
    1994 Jun 3
    Things I want to do with my computer,
    with the kind of hardware I need to do them:
    Read usenet news:
    dumb terminal, 2400 bps modem.
    download new programs (games) and graphical files.
    14.4 bps modem,
    play new DOS games
    386 (486?), SuperVGA.
    or PowerPC (?).
    80 MB HD.
    keep *all* my stuff online
    500 MB HD (?) (is this cheaper for PCs?)
    (i think it would be cheaper, tho not as convenient,
    to have only, say, 200 MB plus some hi-capacity lo-cost removable media - tape drives ... how about flopticals? )
    experiment with hardware
    (VR gloves; alternate keyboards; home automation)
    I want a *cheap* machine so I wonŐt worry excessively about damaging it.
    SunsetŐs boards are the same price for PC and Mac versions.
    Some hardware is *much* cheaper for PCs...
    Is hardware I build myself going to cost (development) much different when targeting DOS versus Mac?
    Key88 March 4
       94Mar04 6:30 pm from Pinhead
    Vis, are you still interested in a NeXT cube/slab?  I've seen a few listed for
    $1400-$2500...and that Mac-thingy probably falls in that price range...check
    out the Usenet alt.forsale.computers.workstations group; you'll see about one
    or two NeXT systems pass through every week or so.  Most of it is used Sun-3
    and Sun Sparc stuff (at inflated prices).
    My Own Computer System (hardware)
    ŇA good rule of thumb for balanced configurations is that the hard disk should comprise about half (or maybe a bit more) of the total system hardware price (exception: if you're buying a really good monitor, like 16" or over, it's going to be expensive enough to bust this rule).Ó -Eric S. Raymond
    ŇIt's important to get a high quality keyboard with good key feel.  See the typing-injury FAQ from sci.med.occupational to see what happens if you don't. Carpal tunnel syndrome is no fun for anyone, but it hits hackers particularly hard.  Don't be a victim!Ó - eric
    on-line digital storage for *all* my files
    (DAT tape? optical WORM ? floptical ? really big magnetic ?)
    paper -> digital converted (bed scanner ? 3D digital camera ?)
    digital -> paper converter: Postscript II Laser printer
    really big computer monitor
    write text and programs
    nice keyboard;
    high-resolution screen for lots of text.
    workstation info
    "Sun, Axil, and Tatung all use the same uprocessors made by Texas Instruments ...
    Sun (Sunsoft) provides Solaris 1.1 and 2.x operating systems for all 3 lines."

    http://www.powermax.com/ seems to have lots of low-cost pre-owned Macintosh laptop computers. (prices as of 2002-01)


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