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random sound bytes about teaching / education / learning

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misc education

Paul: "My teacher just reviewed everything we studied in the class -- all the equations, all the terms, everything that's going to be on the final. -- in 40 minutes. I wish he had just told us this stuff at the start of the year. When you teach a class, maybe you should say all that stuff up front -- -- make the very first class of the semester exactly like the last class of the semester."

"We expect students who are learning to write prose to read *lots* of examples of good prose; why not the same for students learning to write programs ?" -- Samadzadeh, possibly quoting someone else.


(and a few highly biased comments on public schools)

periodic tables

[This is an old archive of http://vislang.wiki.taoriver.net/moin.cgi/TableOfElements ]


At most schools, students spend a lot of time learning about past history. But almost no time learning about future history future_history.html . Why not ?

the human brain

the human brain.

There are many things unknowns_faq.html#AI we still do not know about the human brain.

what we already know about the brain

see also Direct Brain Connection "direct mind-machine interfaces" and DNA information link_farm.html#dna [FIXME: collect other /brain/ info here]


learning by doing in mass quantities

"mass quantity leads to quality" quotes:

the bootstrap problem

The bootstrapping problem. Also known as "the chicken and egg problem".

related to General Design 3d_design.html and 3d_design.html#closure .

A big part of nanotech design today nanotech.html is trying to deal with the bootstrap problem.

A subset of the bootstrap problem is the problem of closure 3d_design.html#closure .

... a cascade of machinery ...

FUD (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt)

see also 3d_design.html#design and spin_dictionary.html


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