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local links

Proposed Activities for SLUG

Do you have any ideas for interesting things SLUG could do ?

Possible Topics for SLUG meetings


Some of the more popular flavors of Linux.

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Not in any particular order:

Midrange links

Global links

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see serialportdocs.html#midi for some musical applications.

see Task Help for many other technical and non-technical applications.


Technical applications for Linux

see also mathematical optimization task_help.html#mathematical_optimization .

Symbolic Algebra

(symbolic math)

Numeric Math

Other technical apps

see task_help.html for spreadsheets and other office applications


For questions about perl, consult comp.lang.perl.

Places that sell Linux software


The easiest way to get
GNU software is to copy it from someone else who has it.
.....a commercial distributor of free software....
Our main FTP host is very busy & limits the number of FTP logins.  Please use
one of these other TCP/IP Internet sites that also provide GNU software via
anonymous FTP
For more
details & additional hosts, get the files `/pub/gnu/GETTING.GNU.SOFTWARE' and

Freely redistributable information isn't just software.	 We have a list of
groups providing various books, historical documents, and more.	 You can FTP
the list in file `/pub/gnu/FreelyAvailableTexts'.

GNU ftp sites in the USA:

people who give away their source code

Open source code, sometimes called "free" software. Some of these sites have interesting philosophies.

distributed processing

distributed processing / distributed computing

things to sop up all your otherwise wasted idle cycles


TeX is the standard way of typesetting mathematical equations.

see also:

TeX links:

programming links


(I need to move these up to the appropriate category ...)

EMACS: Escape Meta Alt Control Shift :o)

pro-Linux the arachnid mail list pro-Linux

Want a Windows emulator for Linux? Visit Caldera's website:

If you're going to learn Objective-C, Miguel de Icaza and Gregg Williams recommends downloading _Object-Oriented Programming and the Objective-C Language_ little pages of html: all-at-once download:

free dos-clone under GPL, although still in beta (0.92.0),,

Project Magic- Opera web browser for OS/2, Mac, X11

Ways to liscence your software. Nice discussion of alternatives to GPL; GPL is one of the *less* desirable alternatives. Fascinating. A Quaker Programmer. Has a well-articulated argument for making source code freely available.

linux | programming | languages "visual language design", "visual languages" "LabView is a visual language; DV-Centro is a language for specifying a visual language. ... Designing a visual language isn't anywhere near as visual as using, say, LabView. ... I think you'll find DV-Centro to be an expensive tool that's not really intended for personal use. ... intended for ... developing a commercial product." Dataviews sells DV-Centro

figurine is yet another Unix configuration system

Caldera Open Administration System project

Techniques of Oppression


O'Reilly & Associates Publishes famous books on Perl, Linux, and WindowsNT.

Free Software Union

Tutorial for using procmail

Microway(r) sells 600 MHz Alpha machines and NDP Fortran. (both of which apparently support both Linux and WindowsNT).

       _  |
      (_) |
 ____  _  |  ____  ____  ____    Edinburgh University
(___ \/ | | / ___)/    \/  __)   Artificial Intelligence Society
/ __ || | | \___ \| () || |__
\____/|_| | (____/\____/\____/   WWW:
          |                      email: 

Tom Wu the Colossal Cave ported to a web-based CGI. Runs on Linux.

The site at is aimed at users.
The site at (that leads to is the site for developers.

The GNU-Win32 tools are Win32 ports of the popular GNU development tools for Windows NT and 95. "the GNU-Win32 project"

"More Than Money" essays on volunteering.

"Deep Hack Mode" seems to have good Perl pointers.

Linux Journal PostScript to text converters and PostScript to HTML converters -- -- useful for extracting text to build search engines. [move this to html.html ?]

Moof! in Mind, it's an attitude! Meet the Dogcow and Learn the Truth about Moof! a symbol of all that's fun, cool and creative on a computer.

The AppleJedi love their MacOS just as much as Linux lovers love Linux.

Many Perl pointers (and a pointer to Prolog).

serious communication from Kevin Mitnick


FATMAC Doing cool things with "surplus" equipment.

Ralph Nader sent a letter to IBM Chairman Lou Gerstner suggesting he make the OS/2 source code public,3440,2110597,00.html.

Free Java and C++ design tool for Linux

The University of Maryland Linux Users' Group

JavaScript Documentation

Guide to Available Mathematical Software (GAMS)

Read or Download the Single UNIX Specification programming humor.

"Computer System Disables Hackers"

[programming in general] The Tao of Programming

Read this: AUTHOR(S) :Dowd, Kevin 1959- TITLE :High performance computing IMPRINT :Sebastopol, Calif. : O'Reilly & Associates, c1993 SERIES :A nutshell handbook second edition -- recc. Daniel Barker Date: 1998/08/16 Forums: comp.lang.c.moderated

Gtk+ Layout Engine source code to a SGML parser.

Wp2Html, a program to convert Word Perfect files to HTML files

"Delorie software: Making it harder to hate computers." includes DJGPP, a free 32-bit development system for DOS (a port of GCC and many other useful GNU tools) ???

The famous CYC artificial intelligence project

The Good Net-Keeping Seal of Approval proposed standards a Usenet news program should meet to deserve the "Good Net-Keeping Seal". (this draws a line and says "news programs should be at least as good as 'rn' before you even think about releasing them.") If your news software can't do all this, be advised that better software exists.

Emacs- The Extensible, Customizable Self-Documenting Display Editor, AI Memo 519a, Richard M. Stallman (1981). (Surely more up-to-date documentation exists somewhere ...) has some interesting reasearch going on -- "Natural Language Processing ", "Telepresence", "User Interfaces", "Advanced Programming Languages", "3D graphics and animation", among others.


Tasty Bits from the Technology Front (TBTF)

Unix Guru Universe The Official Home Page for Unix System Administrators. Has a nice "Unix Beginners" section.

"Is Schrödinger's Cat Object-Oriented? " By Adolfo M. Nemirovsky (C++ for Physicists)

Porting C++ to Java by Mark Davis (Java for C++ programmers)

Pointers to Java book reviews on the net

JavaScript: The Definitive Guide

Linux NOW! "The Most Complete Linux Reference"

Computer Game Developers Conference

Newfire, Inc. sells the $1 995 "Catalyst" integrated game development environment ... Web- or CD-based games ... supports Java, C, C++, and VRML game development ...

Visual J++

Journal of Visual Languages and Computing (JVLC) (ISSN 1045-926X)

Object-Orientation for Software Modellers

Linux Gazette


"There are two major products that come out of Berkeley: LSD and UNIX. We don't believe this to be a coincidence." - Jeremy S. Anderson

"I Hate Computers" (IH8PCs)

Hacking Reference includes "Hackers: Threat or Menace?" and "Carolyn Meinel-Interview A ZDNet interview with the founder of "The Happy Hacker"."

GLUE (Groups of Linux Users Everywhere) ???

The C++ Matrix class library page

Blitz++ "a C++ class library for scientific computing which provides performance on par with Fortran 77/90. It uses template techniques to achieve high performance. The current versions provide dense arrays and vectors, and small vectors and matrices. Blitz++ is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, and contributions to the library are welcomed."

The Object-Oriented Numerics Page includes a bunch of freely available libraries.

Nerd Liberation Movement

Did you ever think of America as a pathetically low-tech nation?

Dolphin "is an operating system for any IBM PC-compatible computer based on an Intel 80386SX or compatible microprocessor. Dolphin is currently planned to be a free operating system, like Linux. However, unlike the GNU licensing, Dolphin's license will not exclude the creation of commercial software, nor will it hinder it in any way." "Dolphin will have a graphical user interface, from boot-time on forward, ... icons will not replace text, but will augment it, and there will be absolutely no use of dancing paperclips," claims to be "the most advanced open-source database available anywhere".

Linux Software Map "The linux software map is a database of many of the packages that have been written for, ported to, or, these days, simply compiled for linux and made available." has long list of applications including "X11: Office Applications"

Sydney Linux Users Group (SLUG) maintains a nice page on Network Interface Card settings

Scheme as a client-side language guilt by association

Global InstallFest World Wide InstallFest

"If you're creating software and giving it away, you're a fine human being. If you're writing software and letting other people copy it and try it out as shareware, I appreciate your sense of trust, and if I like your work, I'll pay you. If you're copying other people's software and giving it away, you're damaging other people's interests, and should be ashamed, even if you're posing as a glamorous info-liberating subversive. But if you're copying other people's software and selling it, you're a crook and I despise you." -- Bruce Sterling

THE HACKER CRACKDOWN: Law and Disorder on the Electronic Frontier by Bruce Sterling

FreeBSD vs. Linux

Linux Applications and Utilities Page Spreadsheets, databases, games, programming tools, etc.

Operating Systems on the Web

Interesting Hacks To Fascinate People: The MIT Gallery of Hacks

software glitches on the Aegis missile cruiser USS Yorktown [perhaps collect this with other "engineering failures"]

The Linux HOWTO Index

What does your phone number spell?

DHCP FAQ "DHCP's purpose is to enable individual computers on an IP network to extract their configurations from a server (the 'DHCP server') or servers, in particular, servers that have no exact information about the individual computers until they request the information. The overall purpose of this is to reduce the work necessary to administer a large IP network."

A Beginning Tutorial for the Unix Shell: the most commonly-used commands.

Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility ethics, computer fallibility, ...

"The Great Simoleon Caper" by Neal Stephenson electronic currency

RAID on Linux see "man raidtab".

IP Masquerade for Linux See for an example of IP masquerading.

rebuilding the kernel

alphaWorks points to a free XML editor/parser (written in JAVA); Jikes, a open-source Java compiler; and other nifty XML stuff.

Perhaps there could be combined. (Does this need help to work with Vernier devices ?)

GNOME has a very long application list.

PenguinPlay Game Software Development Kit A simple notepad like editor written entirely in Tcl/Tk. "The Go-moku Apprentice is a go-moku playing program... that learns playing the game from studying its opponent. ... GMA is written in C++, and requires STL to compile. It is freely redistributable under the GNU GPL." ... "Celebrat is a very simple, non-interactive, text-mode calendar application that helps me keep track of people's birthdays. It reads a data file... in ASCII format, and prints on stdout a human-language summary ... of what events will take place up to ten days from now. Celebrat is written in C++ and flex. Except for a C++ compiler and (f)lex it requires STL to compile. Also, it supports i18n through the GNU Gettext library. Celebrat is freely redistributable under the GNU GPL."

Encyclopedia-list -- Development of a Free Encyclopedia

Linux Knowledge Base

"SWIG is a software development tool that connects programs written in C, C++, and Objective-C with a variety of high-level programming languages." "WipeOut is the multi-user software development environment for Linux and other Unix systems. It supports C/C++, Java(tm), ... ... GUI Class Browser"

To: seul-edu 
Subject: A way to activate our efforts / open multimedia standards / Re: Developers tools?
From: Roman Suzi 
Date: Sun, 6 Dec 1998 14:14:54 +0300 (MSK)
For example, I'd like to make something at leisure  to  provide
to the pool of Linux edu-ware.

But I can't  afford  learning  Gtk  toolkit  or  struggle  with
VisualTcl! I need something small and successful  at  first  to
have enough satisfaction for a larger step.

Is there any area where _quickies_ are possible?

I mean, do we have 10-20 man-hour project list which  could  be
done with pleasure and satisfaction with VisualTcl for example?

May be we can raise practical activity by doing a lot of  small
non-ambitious projects, which we can then present on  a  web  -
and the eduware web-page will not look empty!

OTOH, these  "quickies"  could  distract  efforts  from  larger
projects... But I think there we win more than lose.

Summary: its very hard to decide  to  participate  in  a  large
eduware project due to lack of tools for  quiality  multimedia.
Could we instead make a lot little things ("quickies"), so  the
list of accomplishements will not look empty and  attract  more
people, more developers, more clients with their  wishes?  (and
at the same time we will start to get satisfaction early?)

Can somebody from this list (better NOT developers  themselves)
provide ideas for small projects, that is programs, which could
be made by professional programmers at leasure or by  beginners
with equal (and quick) satisfaction?

Sincerely yours,
Roman A. Suzi

 -- Petrozavodsk -- Karelia -- Russia --
    -- powered by Linux RedHat 5.1 --

Visual Tcl is a graphical application development environment for Tcl/Tk. ??? ???

Math Software Archives, Reviews, etc.

Global SchoolNet Foundation - Linking Kids Around the World! hosts the "laptop_teachers" and "logo-l-digest" (and other) mailing lists.

YORICK: An Interpreted Language for Scientific Computing with more info at

Confessions Of A Computer Atheist: Why It Pays To Keep An Open Mind About Platforms

Exploring shortest path algorithms: Dijkstra and A* (includes source code) (cool on-line Java demo)

Programming in Java and C

Which Shell to Use?

UNIX Shell

printexitvalue $status {} $?

Shell Programming In Unix

UNIX Shell Special Characters and Their Meanings

Executor, an application that allows you to run your Macintosh applications on PCs. mirrored at Executor/Linux costs $75; Executor/Windows costs $150. Students can get Executor/Linux for $35 and Executor/Windows for $65. Download a free demo.

Top ten reasons to go into computers and the bottom 10:

" Real Programmers don't write in FORTRAN. FORTRAN is for pipe stress freaks and crystallography weenies."

The Electric Postcard ???

Amiga, Inc.

Yggdrasil "free software for the rest of us"

The Twelve Steps of Appleholics Anonymous mentions "platform agnosticism"

the Free DOS project mirror "FreeDOS aims to be a complete, free, 100% MS-DOS compatible operating system. ... released under the GNU General Public License." Also see The FreeDOS WebRing Home

The great Linux experiment, which Brian Cooley had labeled Project Heresy . "I ended up committing to an experiment in which I would live as much as possible in a Linux-only world for a month, chronicling my experiences in the Builder Buzz." ... "many of the Macintosh's true believers didn't disappear, they just became Linux fans." -- Dan Shafer <dshafer at>

"Nobody wants to lose a hardware sale because their hardware doesn’t support Linux." -- (See that ? MSNBC ?)

"Introduction to object-oriented programming using C++" by Peter Müller "This course was intended for students who want to learn more about object-oriented programming. Concepts presented are exemplified using the C++ programming language. This course is not intended to learn C++ in all its details." lots of cool free software. superopt, octave, oleo, etc. ... "freely redistributable information that isn't software" [isn't there a web page somewhere that makes this file obsolete ?]

O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. publishes lots of cool books on Linux, Perl programming, C++ programming, Palm Pilot programming,

the USENIX Association "the community of engineers, system administrators, scientists, and technicians working on the cutting edge of the computing world."

$259 OpenDialog "is a developer tool that dramatically reduces the amount of coding necessary for dialog box management on the Macintosh." Free demo download.

C++ Tutorial; The C Coders Home Page ???

LOGO ???

the egcs project EGCS is a free software project to further the development of the GNU compilers using an open development environment. shareware archives, clip art,

Download Lynx Now:

Csh Programming Considered Harmful mirror The csh is a tool utterly inadequate for programming, and its use for such purposes should be strictly banned. (If you don't have to use a shell, but just want an interpreted language, use PERL, REXX, TCL, Scheme, or Python. )

Apple Technical Notes

``Reply-To'' Munging Considered Harmful: An Earnest Plea to Mailing List Administrators "We should not penalize the conscientious to coddle those who run brain-dead software." ??? Litestep is a shell replacement for Windows 95, 98, and NT, that will give your Windows desktop the AfterSTEP look & feel. It consists of a Wharf toolbar, a popup menu and some modules.

Mac95 Themes to make a Win95 box look like a MacOS box ???

GNU Octave

Patterns Home Page "information about all aspects of software patterns and pattern languages. Patterns and Pattern Languages are ways to describe best practices, good designs, and capture experience in a way that it is possible for others to reuse this experience."
More information about patterns from _Object Models: Strategies, Patterns and Applications_ [book by Coad, North, Mayfield] .

Ingemar Ragnemalm


Pascal Central "provides the Pascal community one place to obtain Pascal technical information, Pascal source code, and Pascal-related internet links." Mostly "Macintosh Pascal", but much "General Pascal" and some "PC Pascal" information. Includes

Symantec's Think Pascal 4.5d4 is apparently free. (Lots of other Macintosh software development tools here).

"Coding standards or guidelines will not make good programmers out of bad programmers. They have absolutely no effect at all on the correctness of the code that a programmer produces. You cannot legislate good design." -- Robert Martin

Christian Hackbart has written a "C2Pas-Converter is a simple CPP to Pascal Converter (source included)", "stringcompression" (??) (some pages in Deutsch)

H. Peter Anvin Linux - the OS of global cooperation I am Baha'i -- ask me about it or see

L. Peter Deutsch in conversation with Stig Hackvän

L. Peter Deutsch, as the author of Ghostscript, has done what very few people have managed to do: he has managed to work on a project of his choosing, to release it as free software, and to do so while generating a sufficiently positive cash flow that he can now consider retirement.


Doing cool stuff should be rewarded in a tangible way. ...

DAV: I highly recommend this article.

Linux and Decentralized Development by Christopher B. Browne lists "Real Disadvantages to Decentralization: Linux Support is Fragmented" and states:

Despite there being some problems to decentralization, I believe that there is a net advantage for Linux to having the variety of independent organizations fulfilling their various roles.


I would thus conclude that it is not, in general, a waste of time to have multiple implementations of things.

If anything, I would suggest that there may be some places where additional projects could be useful. There do exist certain ``bottlenecks'' where there is dependance on a single tool

Open Source but also see the article "Why ``Free Software'' is better than ``Open Source''" by Richard Stallman

The MIT Gallery of Hacks mirror: ???

The Gimp. the GNU Image Manipulation Program. ( Script-Fu is the Scheme based programming language that is built into The Gimp).

Cross-references for FreeBSD "the hyperlinked source code tree for FreeBSD-2.2.1 which allows you to find functions, structs etc. in the FreeBSD source code by name."

"Open Source and Open Data" by Derek Glidden

"Why the Linux World is Upset and Shouldn't Be" By Robert X. Cringely

program listings from _PC Techniques_ magazine are archived at (published by The Coriolis Group ) "We place *no* restrictions on the distribution or use of the source code published in the magazine. Please add it to your user group library or BBS file archives. Pass it along to your friends. Make sure that anyone who might conceivably find the code useful will get it."

The Open Group ??? software internationalization

Geek: Game of Champions humorous.

Scriptics Corporation Formed by John Ousterhout, Tcl creator and industry visionary, ... the Tcl scripting language ... Scriptics provides development tools, technology extensions, and commercial support services for Tcl while continuing to develop the open source Tcl and Tk packages. The company's goal is to make Tcl the preeminent, unifying platform for creating applications that integrate the many components, applications, and protocols in today's complex enterprises."

Athena University "virtual online university"

Perhaps SLUG should have a Linux PDA project; see wearable_electronic.html#pda

Procmail tutorial Procmail is an autonomous mail processor. It takes incoming mail and acts according to a predefined set of recipes. free utility to let you customize the Windows 95, 98, & NT 4 look and feel. Make it look like bePC, Mac System 8, or Motif. "themes" and "skin".

Open Source Bill of Rights, and Beyond ??? "Everything you need to switch from Windows to Linux. (On One Page.)"

Metaprogramming and Free Availability of Sources Two Challenges for Computing Today1 François-René Rideau Dang-Vu Bân excellent argument for "open source" software.

"Software programmers who love to program should be set free to do so. They also need to eat." -- Anonymous

Free Software Needs Profit ???

Scriptics: The Tcl Platform Company

Gamelan - The Official Java Directory

Corel freebies software include 30 day free tral offer of Corel® WordPerfect® Suite 8 CorelDRAW(tm) 8 for Power Macintosh®, CorelDRAW(tm) 8 for Windows® 95/Windows NT®, "CorelXARA(tm) 2.0 A complete Web graphics tool!"

Apple freebies software ClarisWorks 5.0 for Windows ClarisWorks 5.0 for Macintosh (free office suite)

Yeah Write for Windows small, fast, free word processor; and complete text online of the book _Almost Perfect_ by W. E. Peterson

From:  (Edward Green)
Newsgroups: sci.physics
Subject: Re: closed? open? empty? bounded?
Date: 5 Dec 1995 19:54:47 -0500
Organization: The Pipeline

' (Toby Bartels)' wrote:

>The statement that `Nonsense happens.' is nonsense is clearly wrong,
>because if `Nonsense happens.' is nonsense, then,
>since `Nonsense happens.' happens, nonsense happens,
>in which case `Nonsense happens.' is not nonsense.

So "Nonsense happens" is true, "Nonsense doesn't happen" is false,  while
"This statement is false" is nonsense and "This statement is nonsense" is
false  --  because if false it is sense and so can be assigned a truth
value:  False.

Excuse me while I run into the street laughing maniacally.


Ed Green ???


OpenContent's only excuse for existing is to "facilitate the prolific creation of freely available, high-quality, well-maintained Content."

seems like a counterpart to Open Source for everything that is not executable.
  • ??? I kind of like this T shirt:
  • berlin a windowing system (alternative to X Windows) released under LGPL
  • "the fight against stupidity and ugliness ... With art as our ammunition"
  • [email seul][FIXME: user interface; usability] LUIGUI Linux/UNIX Independent Group for Usability Information points to which points in turn to "The free software story" (pronounced loo-ee/goo-ee) [seul] auto-detecting printers ? [seul] L . I . F . E . Linux Is For Everyone
  • "COSHER stands for Completely Open Source, Headers, Engineering, and Research." --
  • _Software Runaways -- Lessons Learned from Massive Software Project Failures_
  • "The dumbing-down of programming, part two: returning to the source. once knowledge disappears into code, how do we retrieve it?" article by Ellen Ullman
  • The OpenFAQ Collaborative Frequently Asked Questions System (a CGI script written in PERL you can download and use)
  • The Fast Light Tool Kit Home Page FLTK is a LGPL'd C++ graphical user interface toolkit for X (UNIX®), OpenGL, and WIN32 (Microsoft® Windows® NT 4.0, 95, or 98). features: Does not use macros, templates, multiple inheritance, or exceptions. Interactive user interface builder program. Output is human-readable and editable C++ source code.
  • "the engineers at have provided the web community with well-documented, scalable, open source, feature-rich, and FREE web applications."
  • W3C Open Source Releases
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • the Linux Lab Project's official homepage "Everything that has to do with data aquisition, process control, laboratory automation and data analysis is welcome as contribution to this project."
  • has a Freedom of Choice Petition to try "to stop the exclusive pre-installation [bundling or tying] of a single company's software on the computers sold, bought and used across the world. "
  • FourEightySix [offline ?]
  • source code in various languages "Free for personal and commercial use."
  • Motor Industry Software Reliability Association (MISRA) Note MISRA is NOT a company. It is the motor industry research centre. It has developed MISRA-C, a dielect of C specialized for embedded processors. [C programming language] Coding standards. For a commentary on this standard see or
  • LDP ( [gregh at]
    LG ( [gazette at]
    ( [suggestions at]
    ( [mstrates at]
    Woven Goods ( [lutz.henckel at]
    Linux News (
    LinuxPlus ( [redakcja at]
    Knights of the System Table (
    ? [gfaieta at]
    Linux Web Watcher ( [reblue at]
    Linux Resources (
    Linux Projects Catalogue (
    Linux Advocacy Project ( [linux at]
    GNOME ( [miguel at]
  • SampLin data acquisition software
  • the hungry programmers wrote "LessTif" .
  • "If I give you my idea and you give me yours, then we each have two ideas, and together we have four." -- Gerard I. Nierenberg, quoted in _Reader's Digest_ 1998 Dec. p. 157.
  • Papa Joe's Dweebspeak Primer ???
  • [FIXME: where is the stuff on mnemonics ?]
  • the KDE developers' website.
  • Jeremiah Cox SLUG Treasurer web: --- Jeremiah Cox email: OSU Chemical Engineering Senior web: Ultrapure Water Group: Focus Software:
  • the Gnumeric spreadsheet |
  • "it is Easier To Hyperlink Than To Summarize(TM)." A phrase often used on
  • Chris Hertel replied with a miniature essay on open-source quasi-communism (not his words) versus laissez-faire capitalism.

    Big business being big business, and Open Source being Open Source, there is a culture gap to be faced. ...

    Many people in the commercial world cannot bring themselves to grasp the Open Source way of thinking. Our currency is different than theirs. We deal in cooperation, fun, learning, philosophy, social values, etc. These things often mean nothing to people who are used to dealing in terms of money. Their work, their time, their thoughts all objects to be exchanged for money.

    Here in the US, most people are comfortable with the idea that you cannot own the air we breath. Yet we have no trouble with the idea that you can own land or a lake full of water or the fish in that lake. (Minnesota has over 15,000 small lakes and yes, I do know someone who owns an entire lake.) ...

    There are, of course, a spectrum of opinions regarding what ideas may and may not be considered property. The Open Source movement is founded in the belief that ideas should be shared, for the benefit of all. ...

    There is, however, no money involved in that kind of environment. To someone who deals entirely in terms of ideas as property to be traded for money, this is inconceivable. They can't get it, as it contradicts their very being. This profound lack of understanding causes all sorts of trouble.

    If, in a ideas-for-money context, you give ideas away for free then the ideas must not be worth anything. Either that, or you are being compensated in some other way and, thus, 'owe' your time to the community. This latter is more-or-less true in an Open Source community. The problem is that the ideas-for-money crowd doesn't know how to be part of that community.

    Your pen-pals are obviously under the impression that we owe them our time and effort. They don't understand that they have to put in to get out. Further, they won't understand that what they get out will not belong to them even if they do put in. Our model is one of continued gain for all--everybody wins. Theirs is a competitive model in which the degree of winning is measured not only by what you have, but by what the others do not have. This be the crux of the problem.

  • Why and how to use Samba for Integration of WinNT and Unix
  • [FIXME: gather all quine info together -- perhaps in idea_space ?] Another mention of the C quine.

    Hit counter written as a quine, by Neil Fraser .

  • a quick intro to Prolog.
  • (periodical ?)
  • Take It To The RRedline Rendition-Ready Programming Contest has links to some cool demo programs.
  • The Open Projects Network
  • [FIXME: who is John Goodwin and the FreeLore project ? book.html]
  • [FIXME: who is OBI, the Online Book Initiative ? book.html ]
  • [ Can one still login to as "new" and create a new account ?]
  • [???] Minds Online electronics engineering software altruistic engineers members may reply for free, or may negotiate a consulting fee. Bat Falcon is (was ?) the Minds Online Moderator.
  • CASE tools (general programming)
  • A compendium of NP optimization problems Editors: Pierluigi Crescenzi, and Viggo Kann,
  • the native port of Linux to the PowerPC processor.
  • How to detect a Klingon on your software development team: "A TRUE Klingon warrior does not comment his code!" "ghunpu'ghachDajvaD Delbe' tlhIngan SuvwI'na'"
  • lots of Unix info links.
  • developerWorks hosts a variety of open source projects. at IBM
  • "Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 versus UNIX" by John Kirch, Networking Consultant and Microsoft Certified Professional (Windows NT) includes an executive summary.
  • [how programmers think ... obviously not the same as normal humans.] ``I feel that if I go to the trouble of isolating serious problems in software for which I have no responsibility, and informing people free of charge, I at least deserve to be recognized for it. Instead, these organizations tried to claim the credit and shut me up, and that hurt my reputation. It's the third virtue of a programmer, after all...'' -- Dan Brumleve
  • "It's easy to consider engineers inhuman and hackers dangerous threats when you don't know them.'' -- Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak.
  • Logik Bomb's Information Tenement [FIXME: obsolete ?] "This page is meant for the archival and spread of information on technology and software. It is not meant to be used for any destructive purpose. It will focus in large part on the Macintosh and its use and programs, though much information will be valuable to users of any platform." -- Logik Bomb "Hacking is the art of esoteric quests, of priceless and worthless secrets. Odd bits of raw data from smashed machinery of intelligence and slavery reassembled in a mosaic both hilarious in its absurdity and frightening in its power." -- Dr. Who 413
  • Free Dmitry Sklyarov !
  • Macintosh Programming links Apple's free compiler for the Mac; beginner's programming tutorial; ... Mikael Lundqvist is a (Macintosh) programmer.
  • Linuxcare White Papers, Linux technical support, etc.
  • An Acknowledgement of Debt to the World's Hackers ``... the true hackers -- in the original meaning of the term -- who pursue the knowledge, understanding, and power of technology for its own sake. ... ''
  • Veridian Systems: High Performance Computing: Compiler Tools and Services Fortran compilers; profiling tools for parallel programming; some of them available for Linux at no cost.
  • What is ?
  • ``Brave New Web'' article by Michael Connor, Austin Chronicle, December 26, 2001

    There are all kinds of people who classify themselves as hackers, ranging from mild-mannered, law-abiding programming geeks to credit card thieves with organized-crime connections. They're a fractious community -- usually male and in their late teens to early 20s, with a cavalier attitude toward Internet law. That community now finds itself at the center of a renewed debate over the nature of the Internet as a free system. In the post-WTC world, utopistic hopes for a democracy of information have been supplanted by fears of the power of this tool to cause harm.


    This article refers to the widely-distributed article ``The Conscience of a Hacker'' by ``The Mentor+++'' January 8, 1986


  • ``Computer Hacking and Ethics'' paper by Brian Harvey, University of California, Berkeley original version 1985

    The example of karate instruction shows a very different approach to the problem of adolescent moral limitations. Instead of using technology to limit the power of young people, this second approach deliberately empowers them. Skill in karate is a deadly weapon; to give that weapon to a young person is an affirmation of trust rather than suspicion.

    Why do karate classes for kids work? Why don't they lead to an epidemic of juvenile murders? This paper can't present a definitive answer. But I want to suggest some possibilities and use them to draw analogies for computer education.


    How can we teach young computer enthusiasts to be responsible members of the electronic community, without defining them as criminals? The analogy of karate instruction suggests that the answer is to combine ethical training with real empowerment. ...

    Access to real power. ...

    Apprenticeship: challenging problems and access to expertise. ...

    A safe arena for moral experimentation.

    One appendix discusses

    ``What is a Hacker ?'' Brian Harvey University of California, Berkeley 1986

    Steven Levy, in the book Hackers, talks at length about what he calls the ``hacker ethic.'' This phrase is very misleading. What he has discovered is the Hacker Aesthetic, the standards for art criticism of hacks. For example, when Richard Stallman says that information should be given out freely, his opinion is not based on a notion of property as theft, which (right or wrong) would be an ethical position. His argument is that keeping information secret is inefficient; it leads to unaesthetic duplication of effort.

  • The "ethics" of hacking
  • Public money, private code: The drive to license academic research for profit is stifling the spread of software that could be of universal benefit. article by Jeffrey Benner

    Larry Smarr, a professor of computer science at U.C. San Diego ...

    "Some universities are dead set against giving [software code] away," says Smarr. "But I don't think universities should be in the moneymaking business. They ought to be in the changing-the-world business, and open source is a great vehicle for changing the world."


    It took Chris Johnson, a computer-science professor at the University of Utah, several years of negotiation with his technology transfer office to get permission to make public a program his team had worked on for years.

    Called SCIRun (pronounced "ski run"), the program is a software platform for modeling and solving all sorts of complicated scientific problems. One of its most promising applications is as a tool for designing new medical devices. Because it is a foundation upon which other programs can be built, Johnson felt that making it an open-source-code project was fundamental to its value.

    "The hope is people will take this and put in their own applications and share those back with the community," Johnson says. But to do that, they have to be able to see and use the code without having to pay for it or get permission. "A lot of smart people out there can show you new and better ways for you, if they can see under the hood," Johnson says.

    SCIRun is officially compatible with two platforms: SGI and Linux. Installing SCIRun DAV: I see that SCIRun even has its own Bugzilla database . Cool.

  • Open Channel Foundation [FIXME: look at the many pieces of software here ...]
  • ``Comprehending Engineers: Stories only an engineer can find funny.'' /* was */

    A pastor, a doctor and an engineer were waiting one morning for a particularly slow group of golfers. ...


    What is the difference between Mechanical Engineers and Civil Engineers? Mechanical Engineers build weapons, Civil Engineers build targets.


    "Look I'm an engineer. I don't have time for a girlfriend, but a talking frog, now that's cool."

  • [#os ?] [FIXME: replace ``linux distributions'' with 2 short link lists:
    Pointers to other people's list of linux distributions;
    pointers to other people's list of ``tiny'' (floppy-based ?) linux distributions.
    *especially* point out *reviews*.]
    [FIXME: extract the root page of most of these links,
    and see if they're worth putting on a ``linux'' section of my ``periodicals'' file.]
    distributions [make sure other lists have these before deleting my link:]
    TINY Linux
    has a list of ``Mini distributions''.
    Reviews of Linux distributions:
    describes about a dozen Linux distributions
    has a long list of all known current linux distributions.
    list lots of linux distributions, and has pointers to other lists of distributions.
    Linux HQ Distribution List
    Caldera OpenLinux 1.3, Debian GNU/Linux 2.0, Linux Slackware 3.6, and the official Red Hat Linux 5.2
    lists over 20 distributions with a brief blurb about each one.
    reviews of many linux distributions
    Security-Enhanced Linux
    some modifications to Red Hat Linux.
    Linux running as a user-space process on top of L4, a real-time operating system
    (DROPS, the DROPS - The Dresden Real-Time Operating System Project).
    reviews 5 distributions
    After you've picked a distribution,
    be sure to check out
    for tips on how to improve the security of that distribution.
    And maybe play some games
    Linux on a Floppy
    lists about 16 Linux-on-a-floppy distributions.
  • ``How to ispell a german text file?'' by Dino Korn


    	ispell -T latin1 -d deutsch textfile.txt

    The -T latin1 causes ispell to handle Umlaute correctly.


  • resources and notes about sound (cards) in Linux.
  • [FIXME: read | HOWTO Encourage Women in Linux ]
  • sudo ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • Linux Standard Base "Standardizing The Penguin" a workgroup of the Free Standards Group [FIXME: check this out ... mention in c_programming.html ?]
  • ``Why LD_LIBRARY_PATH is bad'' by David Barr ``Solaris 7 ... Now you can move the installation tree to another location entirely and everything will still work. We need this in other OS's!''
  • Linux Hardware Database
  •!INDEX.html seems to have lots of good stuff. See especially ``tools for scientists''!INDEX.html .
  • SLUG - Sydney Linux Users Group SLUG - Sydney Linux Users Group Mailing List What ? There's another SLUG group ?
  • ``Core Competencies: Why Open Source Is The Optimum Economic Paradigm for Software'' article by Dan Kaminsky 02-Mar-1999

    Open Source Software has proven itself to be inordinately successful in providing high quality software in a method that, on its face, defies standard business reasoning. This article clarifies OSS in the language of economics such that the true reasons behind its success may be understood by everyone, not just the coders.


    The dirty little secret, it appears, isn´t so much that openness is the Hot New Thing but that openness has always been the standard. Consider--it is very expensive for a business´s headquarters to physically collapse, therefore blueprints are subject to public inspection and actually must conform to many regulations such that the building remains safe. Medicine too demands the rigorous trials of peer review to determine whether or not a certain procedure can be considered safe. Indeed, to protect our freedom, we demand of our government open laws, open debate of those laws, and open access to the entire political system.

    Our education, workplaces, our lives, and our liberty all exist under the penumbra of Open Source. To deny the value of openness is to deny those protections we take for granted on a daily basis. The burden, if you will, is truly shifted to those who would keep their code secret ...

  • PXE FAQ PXE (pronounced PiXiE) stands for Pre-boot Execution Environment which is a component of Intel’s Wired For Management (WfM) specification. looks useful for diskless workstations.
  • Softpanorama: (slightly skeptical) Open Source Software Educational Society by Nikolai Bezroukov Unlike many others, we consider scripting languages, not OSes to be the most important part of open source movement because it helps to preserve the simplicity of the system (see about for more information). ... this is an anti-conformist computer science site with the message "Do not rely blindly on a current computer fashion" ( or a fashionable prophet ;-). ... in favor of assembler, literate programming, simplification, mixed language approach to programming, ... against "monocultures", information overload, ... ...

    DAV especially likes the humor page [FIXME: simplicity, donald knuth, #os ?] [FIXME: read the "information overload" text here]

  • ???
  • Telsa translates open-source documentation into Welsh. Bibliophile. Vim user. Telsa agreed to marry Alan Cox.
  • "Cron, Batch and At ... These three commands are used to run commands at some other time."
  • ??? Linux, Java, ... open-source software developer ... charities ... libcoyote: A library of C++ tools I find useful ... libcoyote includes code for generating mazes and saving them as .png files.
  • Susitna Linux Users Group
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