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information specific to places DAV has been or physical places to which I plan to go.

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You might ask, "Isn't everything local ? Isn't everything at some specific location in time and place ?". Much of the stuff DAV is interested in is *not* local to one particular location. For example, maps. I'm also very interested in "timeless" stuff that is not local to any particular century.

Still, "you have to start somewhere".

"Think Global, Act Local" -- Canadian Futurist Hazel Henderson in the early 1970's.

"Think local, act global!" -- Japanese internet pioneer Izumi Aizu in 1985 while saving Ikego Forest outside of Tokyo

-- http://www.origin.to/global.html


People that I DAV have actually, physically met F2F. The intersection of the 2 sets "people I know in RL" and "people I know on the 'net". If you wish to be listed here, email me your preferred URL so I can add you to the list.

I encourage eveyone to put a few words on the 'net. Every year it gets a little easier to get online. I think most of the above came online in 2005 (or at least that's when I found out about them).

There's a lot of people that I think are interesting just from their web page , even though I've never even talked to on the phone, much less talked F2F.

I suppose I should mention mad_science.html#people_that_scare_me , as well as a few search tools for finding people search_tools.html#people .


colleges near tulsa

[FIXME: very incomplete. RSU, NSU, TCC, etc.] [This section is just a local mirror -- moved to http://wikitravel.org/en/Tulsa#Learn ]

computer stores in Tulsa OK

[This section is just a local mirror of http://communitywiki.org/odd/ComputerComponent/TulsaComputerStores . Please add comments there. ]

If you're interested in buying a computer, you might also be interested in listening to presentations at the local computer club. local.html#tcs

Used computer stores in Tulsa OK: (10 listed in Southwestern Bell phone book, http://www.smartpages.com/directory/search.jhtml;$sessionid$XVSSMTGIJFWY3QFI4GDCM4Q?QueryType=1&_D%3AQueryType=+&_D%3AQueryType=+&QueryString=computer+used&_D%3AQueryString=+&DIR_categoryTop=&_D%3ADIR_categoryTop=+&CityZipAC=tulsa&_D%3ACityZipAC=+&State=OK&_D%3AState=+&ClearLevel=Initial&%2Fsbci%2Fbean%2FSPDirQuery.submit.x=23&%2Fsbci%2Fbean%2FSPDirQuery.submit.y=7&%2Fsbci%2Fbean%2FSPDirQuery.submit=GO&_D%3A%2Fsbci%2Fbean%2FSPDirQuery.submit=+&_DARGS=%2Ffragments%2Fcore%2Ffrag_SearchPanel.jhtml (2 without a street address -- huh ? "Compu-Find Inc." and "Raider Technologies Inc." ) but only 3 listed at http://www.tulsaEpages.com/Directory/new_search_results.asp?searchtype=Category&search=COMPUTERS+DEALERS+USED )

Places in Tulsa OK that sell only new computers: [FIXME: very incomplete. Check online phone book __ for more] (practically all of these places sell desktop, laptop, and palmtop (PDA) computers)

I like to look at and feel computer monitors and keyboards before I buy them. I like to see used computers boot up before I buy them. Computer cases and motherboards, though, I usually buy mail-order. If I don't need a top-of-the-line system (say I'm building a FireWall or a DigitalVCR), it's a lot cheaper to buy a used computer. DesktopComputers LaptopRecommendations

Before buying a used PC for $300, check out what you can get new for $300:

"Kevin Savetz' Guide To Buying a Ridiculously Cheap PC" "reviews, specs, buying tips, news, and hot deals on new computers for under $300. I only talk about ready-to-use PCs - these systems all come pre-built, with memory and a hard drive. You just need to add a monitor and (in some cases) install an operating system." http://www.savetz.com/cheappc/

[FIXME: how do these places compare against each other ? against mailorder ?]


Stillwater area:


People at OSU

Mailing lists at OSU

Organizations at OSU

online OSU tools

general college-related info

Oregon area


"pmail" is my abbreviation for physical mail, paper mail, post mail.

see search_tools.html#people for ways to look up email addresses and mailing addresses.

see get_online.html#mailing_list for electronic mailing list services.

Interesting Companies

(see also the companies mentioned in robot_links.html and vlsi.html#company and computer_architecture.html and nanotech.html#company .)

(see also interesting people link_farm.html#people )

[FIXME: move to stocks.html ???]

Job Hunting

see also:

job hunting resources:

 > ---  Job Recruiting Rages On The Web ---
 >  The online recruitment of job candidates has become a rage of the Web.
 > Just ask Texas Instrument's full-time "cyber-recruiter," John Nelson,
 > who spends his day scrolling through websites for highly prized
 > engineers who have posted their resumes.
 > http://www.techweb.com/news/story/TWB19980608S0001

Internet Professional Association



electronic resumé consulting service

investment links


InsureMarket http://www.insuremarket.com, part of Quicken.com, an integrated sales site for life, home, and car insurance that lets you compare policies and prices and even order online.

http://www.quotesmith.com/ (life insurance)

http://www.insweb.com/ lots of FAQs about insurance.

State Farm Insurance http://www.statefarm.com/

calling cards and business cards

(2" x 3.5" paper cards, not to be confused with "credit" plastic cards or "post cards")

When my grandmother was a little girl, just about everyone had personal calling cards (and just about everyone wore hats, and just about everyone carried a pocketknife to school). Why are they so rare in 2003 ?

On the other hand, people now wear t-shirts with messages on them ... [FIXME: move links to t-shirt printers here ?]

[FIXME: there are many, many business card printers and t-shirt printers online. Consider only listing *reviewers*, making sure all the particular businesses I used to list are mentioned by the reviewers. ]


Other links:

business considerations

Notes to myself if I ever start a business.

See also Mailing List Considerations dav_info.html#list_considerations .

see also #investment for things to look for in other companies.

One important thing is to properly address #pmail .

some banks

So why is DAV so interested in these particular banks ?


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