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Here I've collected some short things I've been collecting on specific words in the Bible:

Some very short bible study topics I've researched. Since I already typed it up, I thought I might as well stick it on the web.

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The word ``name''

I've noticed that the Bible often uses the word ``name'' as something more than just identifying a particular individual.

"absent in the body, present with the Lord"

(2001-11-03:DAV: started)

I've heard a lot of people mention the phrase "absent in the body, present with the Lord". They seem to derive great comfort from that. I don't want to take away that comfort, but it appears to me that it doesn't always mean the same thing. Here is a little more context around the various occurrences of that phrase.

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I believe this is exhaustive -- I've listed *every* occurrence of the word ``absent'' in the KJV translation of the Bible (all 11 of them). My concordance indicates that there are 3 different words translated ``absent'':

"And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, To day shalt thou be with me in paradise." -- Luke 23:43

try / test / taste

What does it mean to ``test God'' ?
What does it mean to ``taste God'' ?
What are the approved ways of finding out more information about the Creator ?

I searched for the words ``try'' and ``test'' and ``taste''; what other verses on this topic did I miss ? I left out ``taste'' verses that clearly describe some physical food.

I left out many verses where God is testing someone/something. (Or other gods -- Deuteronomy 4:34 ) -- should I have included this ?

I did include verses where some human is testing something other than God.

I left out ``greatest'', ``remotest'', ``protest''. I left out ``testify'' -- should I have included this ?

I left out ``testimony'' (ark of the Testimony) (You shall not give false testimony) -- should I have included this ?

I left out ``detest'', ``detestable'' -- should I have included this ?

The word test doesn't occur in the KJV. (But it does occur in other translations -- I've included every [FIXME: unfinished] verse ``test'' and ``tested'' occurs in the NIV, with the above exceptions. [FIXME: what words does the KJV use instead ?] )

Other people talk about testing God (or not).


[FIXME: unfinished]

For we can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth. -- 2 Cor. 13:8

like God

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Some people say it is wrong to try to be "like God", or say is wrong to claim that one is already "like God". After all, that was Eve's sin, right ?

I'm not sure how the English idiom "don't play God", "playing God" fits here.

related verses:

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engineering and design in the Bible

... OK, so I padded this list by also including surveying and architecture. (I've moved verses relevant to reverse-engineering to bible_crypto.html#hacking )

keywords that may be relevant: fulness(KJV)/measure(NIV) ... "breadth, and length, and depth, and height" ...

Some Bible verses that deal with engineering (mostly health and safety):

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verses about warfare in general and in the future (not including specific historical details of past wars).

[FIXME: link to U.N. Charter, Einstein-Russel Manifesto, Geneva conventions, etc.]

I'm starting to think I've bitten off more than I can chew with this topic. Maybe I'll just link to a few other people who have written far more eloquently on this subject.

... possibly relevant stuff:

God's pleasure: what makes God happy ?

keywords: pleasure, will, delighteth, pleased, joy

[FIXME: unfinished. So far I have listed: every time the word "pleasure" refers to God's pleasure occurs in the KJV ]

church sign

(moved to ; backup at [FIXME:] ) possible church signs.


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