Here are some of the periodicals I find most interesting.

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constantly-changing news sources

UseNet news, magazines, newspapers, zines, and other periodically-updated news sources.

Usenet News

Many traditions and customs have grown up around Usenet News. One interesting one is .

David's favorite Usenet Newsgroups:

online-only zines

Newspapers on the web: San Jose Mercury News, The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, WorldNetDaily, Bangkok Post Newspaper, New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, USA Today, The (London) Times, Le Monde or the Sydney Morning Herald.

Newspaper Association of America

paper magazines on the web


[FIXME: move chain letter, hoax info to: Other hoaxes: periodical.html#anti_chain_letter ]

See also #antivirus and #anti_chain_letter

See get_online.html#email_boxes for some spam-resistant mail boxes and email forwarding services.

anti-hoax and anti-chain-letter resources

anti-hoax and anti-chain-letter resources

hoaxes, urban legends, misleading chain letters, email scams ... and similar annoyances.

see also christlib.html#urban_legend for urban legends such as ``pi in the Bible''.

see link_farm.html#antivirus for antivirus tools.

see link_farm.html#bad_things for anti-spam information.

Anti-Virus sites


Linux news

television and radio stations online

[FIXME: there are many others ... TV]

paper magazines



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