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Lots of quotes about "science", some of them serious, some of them humorous.

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free will

"free will" is one of those common-sense concepts that most people intuitively understand, yet David Cary struggles with it. I suppose one of the problems is that "free will" is such a deeply rooted concept that many explainations of it make it a hidden assumption (circular logic, begging the question), while many others are just plain wrong.

The fact that "computers do not have free will" is often used to show that computers will never be "intelligent" in the same way that humans are intelligent.

I'm skeptical -- maybe they will, maybe they wont -- but meanwhile I'm certainly learning a lot about both humans and current computer technology in the process of trying to make computers act more like humans.

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logical arguments

various serious tips on constructing a good argument and responding to an argument. Also some related humor.

science is ...

"science is ...": definitions of science.

DAV learned a crisp definition of "science" in science class in high school, including the 5 steps of "the" "scientific method". I assumed these had been handed down since Galileo unchanged. So did lots of other people. We were surprised to discover that we were given different definitions, some with more or less steps in the "scientific method".

I started collecting various definitions of science. Please tell me about any other definitions you find (especially funny ones).

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