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updated 2003-12-06.

This is a list of all the online information search tools I know about.


  1. Searching for Web Pages
  2. Meta-Search Tools
  3. Searching for people
  4. gateway between the web and other things like "finger", pager networks, etc.
  5. searching for electronic devices
  6. usenet FAQs and RFC indexes
  7. Searching for good prices
  8. used items -- buy and sell -- especially computers
  9. Searching for Patents
  10. encyclopedia Searching for words and general information
  11. articles searching for magazine articles
  12. Other sources of information
  13. unsorted links

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Searching for Web Pages

Web Search Engines Web pages that help you find other web pages.

Meta-Search Tools

web pages with lists of other search engines, sometimes with nifty "search all at once" features. [todo: seperate out mere passive lists of links like mine from those with actual active programs]

Searching for people


fax gateways to_program.html#fax_gateway

Tech:web-page-to-wristwatch gateway.

Finger Gateway

Bindu Wavell and his amazing pager links to other web-to-pager gateways Are there any other finger-to-WWW gateways ?

Finger Gateway

[FIXME: some gateways stuck in machine_vision]

searching for electronic devices

see robot_links.html for a lot of links.

usenet FAQs and RFC indexes

searching for good prices and product reviews

see also search_tools.html#used for prices on used/refurbished computers.

Price Comparisons:

used items -- buy and sell -- especially computers

used items -- buy and sell -- especially computers. Refurbished computers (refurbs). surplus electronics.

see also Used computer stores in Tulsa OK . (The computer stuff on this list will soon move to -- please use that location for updates. Thank you. )


Searching for Patents

DAV finds these patents particularly interesting:

Other sources of information

Stuff that probably should be merged into one of the above categories.

editable encyclopedia

Searching for information and ideas contributed by the online community.

See #fixed_encyclopedia for fixed, static collections of information.

These sites make it so easy for you to let others know some of the thoughts and ideas in your mind. James Newton makes the point that if you don't share those thoughts (through posting to one of these sites, or through other more difficult ways such as writing and publishing a book), sooner or later (when you die) those thoughts and ideas will be lost forever.

These thoughts and ideas can only be put to good use by people who know about them -- and these sites are one of the best ways I know of to connect people who have ideas to the people who are looking for those ideas.


and dictionaries.

Searching for words and authoritative articles. And who said that quotation.

See #encyclopedia for encyclopedias that allow you to add to their knowledge base.

Many of have a contact page to let you submit ideas and questions to the editor.


searching for magazine articles.

If you know the magazine that published the article you're looking for, it's best just to go directly to that magazine's web site and use thier search tool -- see periodical.html for some magazines.

see also book.html for (online) bookstores and book recommendations.

See faq for FAQs.

see encyclopedia for articles collected into encyclopedias.


unsorted links

IBM HypeAlert Website authoritative reference ... dismisses the "E-mail virus threat" as a myth. INFOMINE

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