Software David Uses

A list of software I use and/or recommend, and where to get it. (Woefully incomplete at the moment).

updated 2002-01-02.

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multi-platform software

I prefer multi-platform software. Why should I be tied down to one substrate?

old stuff

The following stuff hasn't been updated since 2002 or earlier. [FIXME: review] ------------------------------------------------------

Electrical Engineering Software

(All these tools run under Linux )


  • `rpm -U -vv --hash netatalk-1.4.99-0.20001108mdk.src.rpm' which installed the file `/usr/src/redhat/SOURCES/netatalk-1.4.99.tar.bz2'
  • `cd /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES/'
  • `tar --extract -v --bzip -f netatalk-1.4.99.tar.bz2'
  • `cd netatalk'
  • `./' (which runs autoconf)
  • `./configure'
  • `make'
  • `make check'
  • `make install'
  • [not neccessary for me to edit /etc/services , since default Red Hat already set it up properly]
  • `ln --symbolic /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES/netatalk/ /usr/local/atalk' (I'm not sure this is necessary ... I think this is fixing something I broke elsewhere).
  • `rpm -U -vv --hash netatalk-1.5pre3-1mdk.src.rpm' which installed the file `/usr/src/redhat/SOURCES/netatalk-1.5pre3.tar.bz2'
  • `cd /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES/'
  • `tar --extract -v --bzip -f netatalk-1.5pre3.tar.bz2'
  • `ln --symbolic /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES/netatalk-release/ /usr/local/atalk' (there's probably an easier way to do this ...).
  • `cd netatalk-release'
  • `./' (which runs autoconf) gives the error: ``automake: installing `./INSTALL'; error while making link: File exists''. I ignore that error and
  • `./configure --enable-redhat' (DAV: it took me forever to figure this out)
  • `make' (which, among other things, creates the appropriate `atalk' file. On my Red Hat system, it converts /usr/local/atalk/distrib/initscripts/rc.atalk.redhat.templ into a `atalk' executable in the same directory).
  • `make check'
  • `make install' (which installs the `atalk' file created in previous steps into `/etc/rc.d/init.d/atalk', and puts a copy of all the configuration files (afpd.conf, etc.) into `/etc/atalk/'.

    Linux Software

    nedit 5.1.1 from ( DAV first tried nedit when it was available on from . ) The nedit Wiki is called Niki:

    Windows Software

    (roughtly in frequency of use; some of these are down in the "tried it a couple of times" category) Among many other things,

    Macintosh Software

    for my Macintosh hardware_david_uses.html#computer Among many other things, Pointers to more Macintosh information:


    I might as well admit it. I'm a vi user. [FIXME: can the rest of this info be moved to ? ]


    Many of these files came from

    TreeSize Professional 2.0: a nifty utility that shows you where all your hard drive space went. Similar to the Unix utility "du", plus bar-chart graphics to show relative sizes of the folders on your disk. from

    GCC b19 for Windows: the Windows version of the famous C++ compiler from the closest (Texas) mirror: (the home documentation page is ).

    Netscape Navigator a web browser led me to IBM's techexplorer Hypermedia Browser is a Netscape Navigator plug-in that processes TEX/LATEX (see linux.html#tex ) and also led me to the official techexplorer home page ???

    PKZIP for Windows from PKWARE Inc.

    Aladdin Expander 5.0 from Aladdin Systems, Inc. for Windows and Mac.

    Internet Explorer for UNIX (Solaris and HP-UX)

    2002-04-10:DAV: I just set up this filter in Eudora: ``Filtering SPAM By Checking Who The Message Is Addressed To'' Concept By Anthony Greene

    2002-06-02:DAV: installed FileZilla

    2002-05-29:DAV: installed freeware antivirus software from

    Installing Microsoft Visual Studio (Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0):

    2002-09-29:DAV: When I start Microsoft Visual Studio (Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0), | it opens a window *without* any toolbars (not even the "File Edit" menu bar). How do I get them back ? This happened before ... right-clicking your mouse over the toolbar area ... hidden toolbar ... also see ``Unanswered questions about Microsoft Visual Studio and InfoViewer'' by Katy Mulvey | mirror ... OK, when I hit F1, I still get the MSDN Library for Visual Studio 6.0 ... ... I keep hearing ``Click Customize on the Tools menu.'', but that Tools menu is exactly what I want but don't have.. ...

    Aha. Choose ``Start | Programs | Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0'' (i.e., open MSVC without any document), right-click on the grey background, choose ``Customize...'', then under the Toolbars tab check ``Menu Bar''. Voila.

    To toggle "visible whitespace", you can do: -- (assuming the "" toolbar is turned on) click the a·b button -- Edit | Advanced | View Whitespace -- control-shift-8

    [FIXME: #secure programming ??? _Writing Secure Code_ book by Michael Howard and David LeBlanc who also wrote ]

    [FIXME: music software ]

    [??? Pareto distribution ... scale-free (or Zipf-like) topology. ... ]

    [FIXME: unknowns ]

    [FIXME: CCD#astronomy: Cookbook CCD Camera ]

    [FIXME: #virtual_chocolate# ``Food for Programmers'' by Katy Mulvey ]

    [FIXME: video_game.html when I hit F1, I still get the MSDN Library for Visual Studio 6.0 ... Moving Your Game to Windows, Part I: Tools, Game Loop, Keyboard Input, and Timing Peter Donnelly Microsoft Developer Network Technology Group September 26, 1996 Recording and Playing Waveform Audio Nigel Thompson Microsoft Developer Network Technology Group Created: July 27, 1994 Revised: October 30, 1995 ]

    [FIXME: dlls when I hit F1, I still get the MSDN Library for Visual Studio 6.0 ... Article 2. Libraries Made Too Easy Bruce McKinney April 18, 1996 ]

    When I don't have the latest version of Word or Excel or Visio installed on some machine, but I need to open files created by those applications, I use one of the freeware ``viewer'' applications from .

    2002-11-02:DAV: Today every time I try to start Wordpad, I get this message:

     (X) This program has performed an illegal operation
     and will be shut down.
     If the problem persists, contact the program

    If I hit [Details>>], I get the message that

     WORDPAD caused an invalid page fault in
     module MFC42.DLL ...

    Weird. Wordpad was working fine yesterday.

    What's the right way to fix this ? I randomly flailed. First I thought about downloading MFC42.DLL from

    Is this the same problem reported by Henri Leboeuf ? He points to a Microsoft web page that suggests uninstalling WordPad and Paint, deleting the associated registry keys, then re-installing WordPad and Paint.

    More information on what exactly MFC42.dll does: Alan Robinson /* was */

    ``Start | Settings | Control Panel | Add / Remove Programs'', then hit the ``Windows Setup'' tab. Then hit ``Acessories | Details'' and uncheck ``WordPad'' and ``Paint''. OK.

    Then I went throught the same steps again, turning WordPad and Paint back on. It spun my Windows CD and rebooted my PC, ... the WordPad icon came back, but when I click it I still get the ``illegal operation'' error.

    Then I more carefully went through the steps at;EN-US;q218632 .

    1. Back up the registry.
    2. ``Start | Settings | Control Panel | Add / Remove Programs'', then hit the ``Windows Setup'' tab.
    3. Then hit ``Acessories | Details'' and uncheck ``WordPad'' and ``Paint''. OK. OK.
    4. ``Start | Run | regedit''
    5. deleted the following registry keys and then restarted my computer: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Applets\Wordpad (I was going to also delete HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Applets\Paint but I couldn't find it) .
    6. Repeat step 2
    7. Then hit ``Acessories | Details'' and turn ``WordPad'' and ``Paint'' back on. OK. OK.
    8. Wait for Windows CD to stop spinning.
    9. ``Start | Programs | Acessories | Wordpad''.
    10. Wordpad starts right up now. WooHoo !

    superbot from DAV is using the command line

    C:\PROGRA~1\SUPERBOT\SUPERBOT.EXE /savedir="\\Phagan\d\maps\tiger99" /autoquit /location=dir /maxdepth=2 /takenaps 
    although this doesn't seem to handle the proxy properly.

    What other "must-have software" do you know about ?

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    Original Author: David Cary.
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