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I have wanted to write video games since I was in elementary school. Here's a few related fragments. (extremely rough)

to do: write video game

to do: write video game review website. See[ST_rn=if]/threadmsg_if.xp?AN=501128569 . Rather than just directly rank games (10 = great, 1 = lousy), try to match games up with personalities, like movies or book review places do -- "People who enjoyed *that* also really liked *this*." to accomodated personal tastes.

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4D toys for children

See also dimension.html for more stuff on 4D.

I have a friend who thinks humans are wired up to handle 3D (three dimensional) objects. While I agree with him that 4D objects are difficult for me to visualize, I believe that's merely because I haven't had a lot of practice. I know a lot of adults have trouble visualizing things in 3D. My personal theory is that they didn't play with enough 3D toys (manipulatives) as children. I'd like to make some 4D toys available to children (simulated on a game computer), to see if they're able, with practice, to visualize objects in 4D.

Michael Abrash

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Reading his books inspires me to strive for really, really fast code.

Michael Abrash is one of the developers of Quake.

assembly language programming

[FIXME: don't I have a few comments on other languages elsewhere ? Cross-link.]

See also computer_graphics_tools.html#Bresenham for low-level algorithms for drawing lines, circles, Bezier curves, etc.

Game Tips

(I am going to move these game tips to some wiki Real Soon Now. Is there a better one than ? )

I always think the wacky "game tips" in WarCraft and some other games are hilarious; here's a list of similar tips that I hope to put in my video game someday.

See creed.html for some humorous "laws".

See bignums.html#morbid for many little factoids about death and destruction.

game emulators

game emulators [DAV likes Asteroids and Joust and Robotron]

See also idea_space.html#emulation .


the PC Demo Scene. Some really tight, fast, amazing code here.

GUI: graphical user interface

Here I'm listing all the GUI toolsets (GUI layer of the operating system) I know about. Why re-invent the wheel ? Some systems have the GUI mixed up in the OS computer_architecture.html#os .



"network game support ... learn about how the Open Transport system software extension will make it relatively easy for users from different platforms to play together." -- Eric Klein, Entertainment Evangelist, Apple Computer, in article "The Seven Deadly Sins of Macintosh Game Development", _AppleDirections_ July 1995.

devsupport at ... "Several times a year, Apple sponsors local game "kitchens", programming clinics where Apple engineers help you port or perfect your Macintosh game. ... the competition for kitchen slots is fierce, but if you'd like to be considered, send a persuasive e-mail to Eric Klein at <klein at>." -- _AppleDirections_ July 1995.

From: ki at (Karsten Isakovic)
Subject: 3D Engines List on WWW
Date: 7 Sep 1995 12:11:28 GMT
Organization: Technical University of Berlin, Germany
Lines: 39


i just wanted to announce a newer version of my 3D engines list that is
available at

It tries to provide an overview of software 3D engines for realtime
graphics and VR on various platforms. Up to now there are 113 engines:

- 37   Texture mapping engines       (+8)
- 11   Gouraud shading engines       (+4)
- 19   Doom/Wolfenstein engines      (+6)
- 17   Flat-shading engines          (+4)
-  8   Wireframe/no shading engines  (+3)
- 17   Landscape rendering engines   (+17)
-  4   Non-realtime engines          (+0)

each with a list of features, contact information (email, link to homepage)
and links to download a demo or the source of the engine.

New features of the list:

- The "Readme Pages" of 49 engines are available.

- The "List of Changes" page ( )
  now has direct links back into the "3D Engines List" for every new entry.

- Some information updates for the engines already in the list.

There is also another page about features and techniques used in commercial
3D games engines.

Greetings, Karsten Isakovic
FR 3-3, Computer Graphics, Technical University of Berlin


Started 1999-02-16

Original Author: David Cary.

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David Cary

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