wearable electronics

updated 2003-06-05

wearable computation, wearable information storage, and wearable communication gear including:

  • retina implants
  • prosthetics
  • almost wearable
  • computers on wheels -- (safely) using computers while riding a bicycle, driving a car, etc.
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    wearables, in general.

    wearable computing (should I split out ``textiles'' ?)

    roll-up electronics

    electronics that can roll up into a tight bundle. The beginnings of "flexible electronics" that can be sewn into comfortable garments.


    wrist computers

    There seems to be a convergence as (from below) cheap wristwatches keep adding yet another function to their primary purpose of displaying the time, (from above) general-purpose computers capable of handling email keep getting smaller and lighter and more and more portable (from the ``mainframe'' in a rack bolted to the floor, to ``desktop'', to ``luggable'', to notebook/laptop, to PDA, to email-capable cell phones).

    [FIXME: this section currently contains general-purpose computers packaged to be worn on the wrist ... should I move time.html#watches near here ? Or leave single-function devices that *only* do time there ? They have a few things in common -- the importance of low-power, the ergonomics of the wrist, etc. ]

    see also machine_vision.html#wrist_cameras and machine_vision.html#GPS_wristwatches

    input devices

    input devices particularly designed for wearable computers.

    See also serialportdocs.html#ergonomics for other strange and wonderful keyboard replacements and strap-on keyboards.

    handheld software

    PDA Software

    pen computing (see wearables )

    [FIXME: lots of software stuff in my ``hardware'' section ... should I just give up and merge into 1 section ? ]

    handheld hardware


    see also

    handhelds, also called palmtops, also called personal digital assistants (PDAs), are early steps towards wearable computers.

    general handhelds and PDAs

    handhelds and PDAs, in general:

    other PDAs

    misc particular handhelds and PDAs:

    [FIXME: categorize: A: open hardware, B: runs open software, C: completely closed/proprietary. ]


    lots of stuff on the psion in particular

    palm pilot

    lots of stuff on the palm pilot and handspring PDAs in particular.

    see also #palm_news .




    (the part you look into/through on a wearable computer) (woefully incomplete)

    Obviously it would be annoying to lug around my 22 Kg desktop monitor everywhere, but clever people are thinking up ways to make displays that are physically small and lightweight, while "appearing" to be large and detailed -- either through optics held up to the eye, a beam scanning the retina at the back of the eye, or projection/reflection off the active device onto a convenient wall or other area. (Or is there another way ?)

    Direct Brain Connection

    "direct mind-machine interfaces"

    retina implants

    artificial retinas; retina prosthetics

    almost wearable

    almost wearable ...

    see also

    related links:

    computers on wheels

    computers on wheels -- (safely) using computers while riding a bicycle, driving a car, etc.


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